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Thai & Vietnamese Dishes

Soup, Congee, Noodle, Rice & Salad

Wonton Soup wonton Yeung Chow Stir-Fried Rice Yeung Chow Stir-Fried Rice
Dan Dan Noodle (Traditional Szechuan noodle) Dan Dan Noodle (Traditional Szechuan noodles) Shanghai Noodle Shanghai Noodle
Cold Cut Arrangement Cold Cut Arrangement TTofusoup Hot Seafood Tofu Soup
Kang Pao Shrimp with rice noodle Kang Pao Shrimp with rice noodle Shandong Noodle Shandong Noodle
Fish Congee Fish Congee stir-fried rice noodie Stir-Fried Rice Noodle
Long life noodle Long life noodle Beef Congee Beef Congee

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