Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding our Asian cooking courses and/or workshops. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please write to us by email.

    Private, Corporate and Scheduled cooking lessons

  1. How to sign up for a weekly scheduled cooking class?
  2. What types of private cooking workshops do you offer?
  3. What to do if we want to have a private cooking workshop?
  4. Do you offer any private cooking sessions at people's place?
  5. May I pick individual dishes for my private or corporate cooking event?
  6. What kinds of corporate events do you hold?

  7. Cooking Classes for Children

  8. Do you offer any cooking lessons for children?
  9. Can children register for any weekly scheduled (i.e. regular) cooking classes?

  10. Instant Gift Certificates etc.

  11. How to Order a Gift Certificate?
  12. Do you sell personalized gift certificates?
  13. How long would it take for a gift certificate to be received?
  14. Is there an expiry date on a gift certificate?
  15. When ordering, do I need to choose a certain class for the gift recipient(s)?
  16. How to redeem and use gift certificates?
  17. Do you have any gift items available?

  18. Certificates of Participation

  19. Can I get a Certificate of Participation?

  20. Payment Options

  21. How to make a payment through Interac e-Transfer, a.k.a. Interac Email Money Transfer?
  22. May I write you a cheque?

  23. Other Questions

  24. Are there any gluten-free cooking classes at your cooking school?
  25. Do you offer any vegetarian (or vegan) classes?
  26. I am allergic to certain food ingredients such as peanuts and shellfish, is it possible to accommodate me?
  27. We're Listening!
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