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Updates (August 29, 2022)

  1. At present, we are trying our best to resume offering cooking classes in a few steps.
    • In-person classes are currently offered as private ones. See the suggested menus.
    • Virtual cooking classes are available for both scheduled and private events.
    • We are working towards resuming our weekly scheduled in-person classes in a couple of weeks.
    • Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to meeting you soon.
  2. Our YouTube Cooking Channel: Watch the new cooking shows here.
  3. Some useful recipes: available here.
  4. Instant personalized Gift Certificates are available for birthday, Christmas and New Year etc.
  5. Amazing Gifts: Pure Cotton Unisex Aprons and Embroidered Aprons.

In the Media

Everyone loves delicious and healthy food, but not everyone can make their food delicious and/or healthy. Many people would think it is too complicated to make Asian food. With our unique recipes and teaching approaches, however, you will discover the secrets behind the Asian cooking philosophies, and the cooking itself is as easy as ABC. We take pride in our fresh and healthy cooking with NO MSG, artificial flavour and colouring.

Students Learn, Make and Eat!

You can learn to cook your favourite dishes with us and will be able to enjoy your new cooking skills. In the meantime, you can also treat your friends — It is not a dream ··· any more.

Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio helps make your dream come true. We teach Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese cuisine, including vegetarian cooking. All of our classes are hands-on, and start from scratch. In our cooking classes, we show and teach cooking skills, and talk about culture. Each class is full of fun and information, and everyone participates in cooking activities. During class, all students eat the dishes they have made together, along with some complimentary items. If there are any leftovers, people may choose to take them home.

Features of Our Cooking Studio

  • All classes are hands-on and start from scratch;
  • Every student participates in making all dishes being taught in class;
  • Each class is also a dinner, including all the dishes the students made, and a number of complimentary items.
  • With your hands-on experience in class and the detailed recipes of the dishes, you are expected to be able to cook independently at home.

What We Provide

  • Copies of the detailed recipes of dishes to be taught;
  • All ingredients needed for the menu;
  • Knives, cutting boards, and embroidered aprons to be used in class;
  • Some complimentary rice, tea, chili sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, fortune cookies and so on, depending on the menu;
  • All necessary tableware for eating in class, and food containers for take-home if there are any leftovers.
  • The names and locations of stores where selling the ingredients you would need for cooking at home.

Most of our cooking classes are private ones, but we also hold a couple of scheduled cooking classes weekly. Please email us for registration or inquiries.

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