Corporate Cooking Activities - Team Building

Customize your very own cooking workshop for any events and parties

Gather your group for a unique and fun get-together -- your very own cooking party or event! We have been offering fun and easy Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean and Japanese cooking lessons for many years. You can learn to make and then eat your favorite healthy food among 300+ fresh and authentic dishes including appetizers and dim sum, main dishes, side and noodle dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

Personalize your very own cooking class for any events and parties, such as team-building activity, working dinner/lunch, farewell party, house party, birthday, anniversary party, and Christmas party etc.

  • Our feature: Learn, Make, and Eat.
  • You can be "hands-on" or just watch and learn, it's up to you.
  • We teach and talk about cooking tips and skills at your place or one of our locations in Ottawa.
  • We prepare the party menu for your convenience. If you have your own preference, please tell us, we will be very pleased to help you!
  • We provide all ingredients and copies of the detailed recipes. Aprons, knives, cutting boards, cookware and tableware are also available for students to use in class.
  • Every cooking session is also a dinner (or luncheon) consisting of the dishes made in class, and complimentary items depending on the type of your menu selection. Please refer to our weekly scheduled classes for more ideas.
  • Suggested menus for corporate in-person cooking events are HERE.
  • The cost for a private cooking lesson is determined mainly by the menu and the number of participants. No minimum number of people is required. However, the more participants, the less cost for everyone in the group. Depending on the menu, the minimum rate could be $89 per person (HST extra) if there are six or more people attending; and more discounts available for bigger groups.
  • Email your preferred menu and the number of participants, we will be able to tell you how much it would cost.

Make Your Party a Wonderful Memory with Healthy and Tasty Food!

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