Nancy is demonstrating how to make Pad Thai at CTV Morning Live Ottawa

Nancy at CBC Radio Cooking Show.

Our Chefs and Asian Cooking Tips

Our Chefs

Nancy, one of our chefs, has loved cooking for as long as she can remember. Her mother was an excellent chef. She can still remember the wonderful meals that her mother prepared in their house in China. And soon, she learned everything that there was to learn about Asian cuisine from her mother (including secret recipes and tips). During her time in Japan, she started to teach her friends how to make Chinese and some other Asian dishes. All the different buns, breads, dumplings and noodles were a great novelty to them. In the meantime, they taught her dishes that they knew.

As great testers for her dishes, her husband, children and friends encourage her to teach others who love Asian food as she does. During the over 20 years spent living outside of China, she enjoyed sharing her cooking skills with people from all over the world.

Asian Cooking Tips and Basic Principles

Fundamentally, Chinese food is very simple. It includes stir-fries, stews, braised dishes, noodles and other easy dishes. The basic principles are the same: freshness, simplicity and the preservation of the uniqueness of each ingredient. Turn to Asian cooking basics and you will be amazed to discover how simple this exotic food is to prepare.

Types of Our Cooking Workshops

In addition to teaching the weekly scheduled Asian cooking classes that are offered at our studio and Moncion's Independent kitchen, we also offer private hands-on cooking workshops taught in students' homes, or either of the two places mentioned above.

In the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we have also taught in the following six schools and companies:

We also provide (1) on-site training and consultation for groups or individuals in Canada, and (2) cooking sessions or catering for parties including Bachelorette, Birthday, Showers, Farewell, Family Reunion, Anniversary Party, House Party, Retirement Party, Working Dinner, Team Building, Girls Night, Recognition, and other Themed Events.

Nancy at CBC TV cooking show.

CTV Morning Live Ottawa poster of Nancy's cooking show.